Creative Ewe Yarn Spinner

$ 40.00 $ 32.00

Keep yarn tangles away with our Yarn Spinner! This spinner smoothly dispenses yarn from its spindle, keeping it flowing freely and away from the floor (and dust).
Handcrafted for us, the Creative Ewe Yarn Spinner features a sturdy rotating base with an easily detached spindle in the center. Made from beautiful (and durable!) mango wood with an extra-smooth finish, you can carry it with you from your home to knitting circle with no worries of damage. 
The spindle is long enough to accommodate 2-3 yarn cakes--perfect for colorwork! And the Yarn Spinner also has a sloping lip so you can store stitch markers, darning needle, and other small notions with your work.

Measures approximately 5" x 11" with spindle attached. Made in India.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each Yarn Spinner will feature a slightly different grain pattern, finish, and/or dimensions.

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