Creative Ewe Supply Yarn Bowl

$ 35.00 $ 28.00

Here's the perfect way to protect your yarn from rolling around in dust and other ickiness! Our gorgeous yarn bowls are made for us from strong mango wood and finished with a smooth, glass-like finish. Each bowl is a work of art and will look lovely in your craft room or corner. 

Unlike some other yarn bowls, you can feel confident using your Creative Ewe Yarn Bowl just about anywhere without worry of breaking. These durable bowls can withstand drops, bumps, and jostles in the event they get into the hands of children, pets, or klutzy friends! 

And since each Creative Ewe Yarn Bowl comes packaged in a box, they're ready to be wrapped and gifted to the special crafter in your life.

Measures approximately 6" x 3". Made in India.

Since each bowl is handcrafted, each features a slightly different grain pattern and dimensions. 


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